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Autism affects 1-2% of the population, and the waiting list for diagnosis in Berkshire is up to two years long, causing stress and anxiety for young people and their families.


This places a huge strain upon schools in providing support to children with autism, whether or not they have a diagnosis.


Many children currently struggling or even facing exclusion could potentially remain in mainstream education, saving schools and the local authority a substantial amount of resources, if intensive support and training bespoke to each child’s needs were provided.


Clear Autism offers a wide range of tailored resources designed to give staff confidence in their ability to successfully accommodate and support an autistic student. These include:


  • Basic and advanced training courses designed to help staff understand and support their pupils;


  • Recommendations on making schools and classrooms more autism-friendly;


  • Behaviour analysis to discover possible causes of, and solutions to, persistent problems;


  • Advice on adapting schoolwork to overcome obstacles to learning;


  • facilitate the application of best practice;


  •  Intensive one-on-one intervention designed to help schools support autistic children at risk of exclusion.



If you feel that the autistic children in your school could be supported better, but are concerned that you do not have enough specialised training to offer them this support, Clear Autism’s services are for you.


Please contact info@clearautism.com to find out more.














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